Monday, 29 April 2013


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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Help Support One of the Bravest People I know

I am privileged to know a few genuinely lovely people in this world, you know the type, always there with a smile, ready to lend an ear, gentle, kind and all over brilliant.

One of these people is my friend, Danielle, who not only is all of the above, but a brilliant mother to a gorgeous little girl too.

She is also one of the bravest people I know. Because Danielle has pancreatic cancer.

I am still very upset about this, cancer is a scary word. I know four people with cancer now, and it doesn't get any less devastating hearing some one you love has cancer. But it's not about me, I am here to talk about Danielle.

Since last year, she has been in and out of hospital so much, I haven't had the chance to see her, due to conflicting schedules, but I have been following her journey on facebook, and she has been the most amazing and positive person I have ever seen! She stays so strong, even when terribly ill, for her daughter, and often posts photos of herself with her daughter, who loves mummys bald head!

I want to do something for Danielle, and I am hoping you can help me do this, by supporting her on her blog. She recently started one up and it would be lovely to see people giving her support, as she is so brave and strong, despite the pain and horrible journey she is suffering through.

You can read her blog here: Pixie in Pyjamas

For more information on Pancreatic cancer, you can check out

Go send her massive hug and love if you have time, she thoroughly needs it

STAY BEAUTIFUL and thank you for reading <3 p="">

Monday, 25 February 2013

Edinburgh Zoo!!


But it's cute animals, SO YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO READ IT.

On Saturday, we flew up to Edinburgh in the morning, checked into our hotel, and after a brief rest, went straight next door to the zoo!! We had a panda viewing for 14:30 so that gave us plenty of time to have a wander around the zoo and check out the other animals! There were birds near the front of the entrance and then bigger animals further up the hill. The whole zoo is set up a massive hill, and you can either get the safari trailer up to the top and work down (which we did) or walk (for the crazy people). It's a pretty steep hill!!

We saw a lot of the front exhibits first, which was as I said, mainly birds!


Dat wing span! Pelicans were huge!

Those Sea Eagles were HUGE AND BRILLIANT, and I took loads of photos of them, because it was just one at first, and the other one flew over and they are so gorgeous *babbles on about them for ages*. I love birds of prey, I just think they are beautiful!!

They had small mammals there, like otters, baboons and koalas. Some of the animals were keeping out of the cold so I couldn't get a photo of them, but here is a troupe of baboons, an otter and the back of a koala for you!

They were annoying the lions next to them!

Dinner time!

So cute, even when asleep!
Further up the hill, there was a big section with lots of big cats and predators!! I did take a lot of photos at the zoo but I only picked out a few to save your sanity, and mine, haha! So here is a few of the gorgeous big cats we saw. It must of been feeding time soon, as the black jaguar was pacing and so was one of the leopards!

Leopards are tiny compared to the rest of them!

Having a good clean before dinner (leopard)

Mister Jaguar pacing for his food

This Asiatic Lion was watching the baboons in the next enclosure, you could hear him roaring every now and then!

Gorgeous tiger who was sitting down, but got up as we all watched and walked off!
Soon it was time to see the Giant Pandas!! Edinburgh Zoo is the only place in the UK to have Giant Pandas and you have to book a slot to go into their specially sealed off enclosure to see them! They don't like too many people disturbing them, so that's why you have to book! But it's well worth it, they are so cuuuuuuuute!!

Tian Tian (Sweetie), the female. Small for a female, she was adorable!

Yang Guang (sunshine), the big male panda, finding eating a lot is hard work!
They were both napping, but that's what pandas do with most of their time, nap and eat bamboo! It's because bamboo doesn't give them a lot of energy to do much else! Pandas, being bears, are omnivores, but they do prefer a diet of bamboo, though the zoo has tried them with fish! They were so cute, and Tian Tian is coming into heat soon, so fingers crossed for panda babies in the future!

Pandas are love!
By now, me and my mum were tired and decided to see a few more animals and then head back to the hotel for a rest! Well, I dragged my mum to see a few more animals and then promised we could go back afterwards haha!

Tapirs! Bigger than you think!

Single horned Rhinos!
I love rhinos, there is something about them that your brain doesn't quite comprehend, with their armoured coats and horns. They look like a throw back from ancient times! I think they are marvellous and cute though!

As I said earlier, I took way more photos than this, but I had to only pick a few so we wouldn't be here all day! I took over 100 photos in Edinburgh, most of them at the zoo haha! I hope you enjoyed reading about my Edinburgh weekend, and I hope it made you want to go!

STAY BEAUTIFUL and thank you for reading!!


Edinburgh City and food!


You have been warned :P This post is about all the love buildings I saw and all the lovely food I ate over the weekend! Sorry if this makes you want to go to Edinburgh (I'll come with you!) and/or makes you hungry!!

First off, a bit of food pron for you! We stayed in the Holiday Inn, which is literally, right next to the zoo, like, you walk out of the reception, turn left, and walk into the zoo close!! The hotel has this really nice oriental restaurant that served delicious food, while over looking the Chinese restaurant across the road, haha! But the food was genuinely delicious, ohm nom nom!

View out the window, plus a reflection of the pretty inside!

Prawn crackers and sweet chilli sauce for pre!

Prawn won tons and Thai fish cakes for starter, nom!

Kung Po Prawns with egg fried rice for main! My mum had Massaman chicken curry with fragrant rice!
After all that, I was so stuffed, I didn't stop feeling sick for a few hours, though I still managed to eat a fortune cookie, whoop! I love fortune cookies!! Though in the morning I did manage to take advantage of the breakfast buffet by having toast and jam, a butter croissant and frosties with plenty of juice! Sunday morning we woke up to this:
It didn't last though, and in the course of walking about, it snowed, rained, sleeted and hailed!! Talk about mix up of weather! Make up your mind! Turns out Sunday was also the Scotland VS Ireland game, at the stadium just down the road!! So breakfast was packed haha, and traffic was a pain getting into town, but it wasn't too bad and I got a photo of Murryfields!

Place of muscular men wrestling each other in mud <3 td="">
If you haven't been to Edinburgh, and you love beautiful buildings, YOU HAVE TO GO. I need to go again to explore more and take ALL THE PHOTOS!! I didn't get a chance to go to old town, which will be done next! We didn't have time to actually GO to the castle, so that is to be done next time too! Here are some photos of pretty buildings and things!

St Cuthberts church

Edinburgh Castle!

Close up!

My favourite photo of the day <3 td="">
I adore that last photo, it just came out so well for a phone photo *blubs with happiness* The first castle photo is also my cover photo, because the castle is awesome and I want to go there!
I am warning you now, you will need energy walking up and down all the hills and stairs in Edinburgh, and in the zoo, so before going to the airport, it was time for a toilet break and cake!
Excuse the finger...ALL THE CAKE
Look at all that cake, so much choice!! Limited choice in the end due to Lent, and not being able to eat chocolate, haha! I went for the Strawberry cheesecake cupcake and a peppermint tea to tide me by till dinner! This place was IN A WATERSTONES. IF THERE IS ONE REASON TO GO BACK, IT IS THIS WATERSTONES

We ate dinner at the airport, which was a very filling fish and chips with peas and onion rings! Then it was a quick hour and a bit flight, and boom, back in Hampshire and home again!

Edinburgh was so good, I can't wait to go back again! Need to save up so I can, I want to go to the zoo, the castle, old town, Waterstones, EVERY WHERE

Do you want to go to Edinburgh (take me with you *clings to your legs*)?

STAY BEAUTIFUL and thanks for reading!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Edinburgh ~ Weekend outfits

Starting with the easiest and shortest blog first, I am going to go through what I wore!!

As I thought it might be cold in Edinburgh (it wasn't) I decided to take vests, layers, woollen items and trainers. It must of been a warm winter weekend in Edinburgh, because it wasn't even that cold, on Saturday I didn't even need my mittens walking around the zoo! My mum kept complaining of the cold, but I must be immune to feeling it badly or something because I was fine, and she had the thicker layers on!

Herp derp Saturday
This was Saturday's outfit. This was both for comfort, since I was flying in it, and warmth. I wore my pink coat over the top, so I was nice and toasty. Cold ain't got nuthin on me! This was my trusty black skinnies from Primarni, holographic high tops from H&M, cotton blousey thing, trusty hoody and a black vest underneath, topped with my favourite hat and scarf (both of which I practically live in). I was wearing a bunch of jewellery, mostly from my winnings at Temporary:Secretary!! This outfit kept me warm and comfy all day!!

My Little Sunday outfit
I WORE SHORTS IN FEBRUARY IN EDINBURGH AND WAS NOT COLD. This was how mild it was! This outfit was comfy too, with my Primarni My Little Pony t-shirt making its first appearance in my outfits! It says 'Blonde Ambition' on it so I had to have it! The only problem with these shorts is that they can ride up sometimes, if I have been sat down for ages!! Cue very ungraceful movements trying to pull them down in public haha! I am sure that will stop once I have lost more weight!

I live in that hat, if you must know. I will be sad when it is too hot to wear that hat <3 p="">
What would you of worn if you had gone to Edinburgh? It wasn't that cold to be fair!

STAY BEAUTIFUL and thank you for reading <3 p="">

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Casual Monday - OOTD

Hi there!! I was planning on doing this blog post a little earlier, but I fell down the stairs (like an idiot) and had to go to hospital haha! I'm alright though, just a bit bruised! 

Since its after midnight, I should be getting to bed, so these photos are unedited, sorry about that! 

Lazy dressing at its peak

Details of the lace and my face

Close up of my awesome new globe necklace, with binoculars!

Bunny ring!

Awesome new snake bracelet, I love this thing <3 td="">
Different angle of awesomeness

Foxy ring!

Crown earrings!

My flatforms, coming apart a little bit, but I love them <3 td="">

Sorry there was mainly photos and not much to read, I am so tired but I wanted to put this up before going to bed!!

Do you dress casual on your days off or do you like to dress up?

STAY BEAUTIFUL and thank you for reading!


Monday, 11 February 2013

SELLING Imitation Nude Louboutin's!!

Me and my mum are having a bit of a saga with these shoes at the moment and she just wants to be rid of them! Here is the story short:
She originally bought them off a 'discounted fashion brands' website, thinking they were just out of season discounted REAL Louboutin's but when they arrived, I did some digging, and found out that they were imitation shoes, very pretty, but fake none the less. Now, the first pair she bought, didn't fit, so she ordered another pair, and they didn't fit either, so these do run small to size. She wants to sell them because they aren't real ones (she'd prefer to save up for real ones) and they don't fit her! Ebay keep taking down our listings because even if you write they aren't real Louboutin's, we still can't sell them (annoying). I've directed her to more trustworthy discount websites now, so hopefully she won't make the same mistake, but she spent a fair few pennies on these shoes and I want to get at least a bit of her money back for her! They are lovely shoes, not been worn except to try on and its really peeing me off that the company wouldn't refund her and that ebay won't let us sell them! So I am resorting to the blogging sphere! If you don't want them, please RT to help me sell them!

Postage will be £2.40 second class, or pick up! Payment via Paypal please!

These are the size 3.5s (says 36 on the sole of the shoe). They come with the box and every thing you see in the photos. I am looking to get £50-60 for them, or the next best offer.

These are the 5s (size 38 on the sole) and once again, comes with every thing you see in the photos. Box is slightly damaged, but the shoes are fine, £50-60 or next best offer please!

As you can see they are beautiful shoes, and if one pair fitted me I would keep them x3 but they are a bane in my life now and I just want to get rid of them, at a reasonable price for my mother! Please help me sell them!!

STAY BEAUTIFUL and thank you for reading!